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 Level 1:

1.  Rifle

2.  100 rounds of ammunition for same rifle

3.  Water container, one quart minimum

4.  Cleaning kit for above rifle

5.  Suitable carrying gear to transport personal equipment

6.  Individual first-aid kit

7.  Combat or hiking boots

8.  Copy of the US Constitution

Basic Abilities:

1.  Complete a two-mile hike with all basic equipment within 40 minutes

2.  Field strip weapon for cleaning

3.  Place 8 out of 10 shots into a 9" target at 100 yards

Level 2:

1.  Poncho with liner or blanket ( a sleeping bag may replace the blanket, but you still need a poncho).

2.  Compass, non-electrical, with degree markings

3.  Camouflage material, suitable for the season, to include face and hands

4.  Knife or bayonet

5.  Flashlight with blue or red lens covers

6.  550 cord or parachute-cord, at least 50 feet

7.  Utah road map, fold able gas-station type

8.  FRS/GMRS radio



1.  Apply a bandage to an extremity.  Treat for shock as necessary (Evaluation by medical team or unit leader).

2.  Camouflage self and equipment.  Evaluation by peers.

3.  Construct a field-expedient shelter, using only level 1-2 gear.  You must be willing to stay overnight in this shelter.

4.  Execute a series of three to five second rushes using cover and concealment over not less than a total of 50 yards.  You must wear/carry at least your level 1 and 2 gear.

5.  Complete a three mile walk with all of your level 1 and 2 gear in less than 1 hr and 15 min.

6.  Hit 8 out of 10 shots on a 6 1/2 inch target from a field expedient position within four minutes.

Level 3:

1.  180 total rounds carried. At least 100 MUST be rifle rounds. The remaining 80 can be split amongst your rifle and pistol.             
2.  15-20 feet of 7/16th inch static (not climbing) rope for various purposes, including possible a Swiss seat, AND two snap links or carabiners.                      
3. Gas mask that accepts NATO filters, and at LEAST one filter or set of filters.                      
4. (In your vehicle) Squad First Aid Kit OR Medical Re-supply Box (TBD, mostly bandaging gear).                       
5. (In your vehicle) Team Leader Meal Box (NLT 15 non-perishable meals) and case of water.                      
6. (In your vehicle) Ammo Re-supply, with no less than 200 rounds for your rifle.                    
7. Optional urban gear, to include helmet, goggles, and elbow and knee pads. 


Shooting Abilities, pick ANY TWO:

              A. Qualify on AQT

              B. 9 out of 10 on a 4”inch target at 100 yards

              C. 4-Pin Shoot in under 45 seconds

              D. Pistol Qualify - (8 out of 10 shots on a 9" paper plate at 7 yards)

Medical Requirements, you MUST know your blood type, and pick AT LEAST ONE:      

              A. Pass at least a Red Cross first aid class

              B. Complete basic Militia Medic course—(includes medevac and set up aid station)

  Field Qualifications, pick ANY THREE:

            A. Complete rope class and pass test

            B. Complete navigation class w/ test

            C. Complete patrol class and lead a patrol

            D. Purify water, start a fire and dig a cat hole

            E. Pass ambush class

            F. Pass Radio class

            G. Establish a defensive position

  Electives, pick ANY TWO:

            A. Obtain a CCW

            B. Obtain an amateur radio license

            C. Obtain an Honorable Discharge from the military

            D. Pass a gunsmith course

            E. Pass a C.E.R.T. training

            F. Obtain advanced martial arts training

            G. Qualify as an NRA Instructor

            H. Pass Hunter’s Safety Course

            I. Be an Active or Reserve L.E.O. with I.D.  

Support/Administrative, pick ONE:

            A. Cook at training

            B. Newsletter contributor

            C. Range improvements/etc.

            D. Web page contributor